In an organization there are two equivalent dimensions: the organizational blocks and the emotions. The seven emotional balances from the model occur in all organizations. The model allows the emotion to be 'read' and to decide what action should be taken.

Organizational Fitness Index© (OFI)

Through this questionnaire we measure the presence in the organization of the seven blocks; it gives an indication of the extent to which employees believe that the building blocks already exist in their organization; The result is the "fitness index" of the organization. Some organizations provide these performance indicators and integrate them into their reporting or their balanced scorecard. In this example we see that over five semesters the seven building blocks presence has risen. The average perception of the seven building blocks together has risen from 2.5 to 3.2.

Knowledge Integrator®

A brainstorming method with posters and with subgroups to get for large units, such as boards of directors or whole departments, to clear priorities in a few hours.

Your added value:

  • You decide the theme
  • Short lead time
  • Active discussions in small groups
  • All groups go simultaneously through the same process
  • All answers are on the posters and cards
  • Full reporting of the findings and actions of the posters
  • All information on one poster, overview

Knowledge Multiplicator®

training method with posters and parallel groups. Teach your own people how to design and provide their colleagues training with a hundred percent guarantee that everyone has understood the message.

Your added value:

  • Small groups, active participation of everyone.
  • The content of the training is fully tailored to your organization.
  • Your own employees train their colleagues.
  • The quality of the training is tested and adjusted before they go live.
  • The knowledge stays within your organization.

Diamond of Leadership©

The Diamond of Leadership© is an innovative method for a management team eager to get behind a common vision.

The process of vision creation in several steps.

  • The CEO tells his story about the future of the organization over a period of 5 to 10 years.
  • All managers are instructed to visualize the contribution of their department to the vision on one facet of the diamond.
  • Every manager tells his colleagues what the contribution of his department will be. Then he sticks his facet to the diamond.
  • A group photo with the whole team around their diamond completes this process

Project Charter


A project charter is a detailed document which, in addition to a plan and a budget for the project in question a number of key dimensions of a change project are established. A principle of working with a charter is that a steering group must first approve the charter. No project without approval.

The elements of a project charter:

  • Contribution to the strategic objectives of the organization
  • Objectives of the project
  • Target group of the project
  • Location of the project (if relevant)
  • Main principles
  • Success indicators
  • Communication about the project
  • Project management: steering committee and project group
  • Relationship with other projects
  • Milestones and timing

Become an Organizational Fitness Coach


"Think and act like a CEO"

Learn to work with the toolkit and become an organizational fitness coach yourself.

Target audience: Participants that have the task and the power to transform their organization.

Content of the training

  • The SevenBuildingblocksModel®
  • How is the condition of your organization? Use of the Organization Fitness Index (OFI)
  • Working with a project charter
  • How to organize a brainstorming session with the Knowledge Integrator®
  • How do I design a program with Knowledge Multiplier®?
  • Anchoring the vision of your organization with the Diamond of Leadership©
  • Discover the real causes of problems with systemic analysis

Get a certification in the SevenBuildingblocksModel®.